The National Lodge

Welcome to the Bull Moose Hunting Society National Lodge. Please view this message from our president. From this site you can donate to support our operations, begin the application process for joining the club, get general information on what it takes to become a hunter, explore starting your own local chapter, read stories and get recipes from our membership, and see news feeds from other chapters.

Mission Statement: Leave no trace, take a clean shot, respect the animal, be a part of nature; these are qualities we at the Bull Moose Hunting Society express and would like to instill in a new generation of hunters, of human predators. Where the government of this country fails to establish ethical hunting guidelines, we educate and inform. Where the urbanized people of this country are removed from nature, we provide a means to return. Where the private landowners fear the few yet recognizably disrespectful and wasteful hunters, we are an alternative. Bull Moose is an organization dedicated to providing a means for those of us who have lost our instincts, our predatory skills and our connection to the wild world to get those parts of ourselves back. We provide guidance through state hunting regulations and equipment purchases. We provide a link between private landowners and responsible, ethical hunters like ourselves. And most importantly, we bring the wild out in you.